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Antonio Baldi received his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1991 and a PhD in Single Track Vehicle Dynamics in 1997, both at the University of Pisa (Italy).
Since 1999 he has been an assistant professor of Machine Design at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Cagliari and he currently is full professor of Machine Design.
His research interests include the vehicle dynamics, phase unwrapping, the identification of stress/strain fields in specimens using experimental (mainly optical/interferometric) techniques, the reverse calibration of numerical models, the residual stress analysis of isotropic and orthotropic materials using optical methods (both interferometric and Digital Image Correlation), the contact analysis using ultrasonic techniques, the Digital Image Correlation.
He is also interested in stress analysis and machine design. In this field he developed a full scale testing machine to analyze buckling phenomena in oil & gas pipelines (up to 52?)
He is author of more than eighty papers and is referee of several scientific journals.

He is chair of Residual Stress Tecnical Division of SEM (Society for Experimental Mechanics)

He is Associated Editor of the Experimental Mechanics journal.

ORC Id: 0000-0002-5104-4041

(last updated July, 25th 2017)

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