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Logs and PhD students' cards - Cycles XXXV, XXXVI and XXXVII

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13 December 2021
Logs and PhD students' cards, Cycles XXXV, XXXVI and XXXVII: new instructions!



Starting from the academic year 2021/2022, with the exception of those PhD students who receive a POR  FSE scholarship, it will no longer be necessary to fill in the paper log for the PhD activities.

The PhD students receiving a scholarship, enrolled in the 1st year (XXXVII cycle), 2nd year (XXXVI cycle) and 3rd year (XXXV), must fill in one form for each month of activity, starting from the starting date of the PhD programme, and a cover page (a single cover page for each academic year).

At the end of the academic year, the duly completed monthly forms must be digitally signed by the PhD student and the supervisor. The cover page  will be signed by the coordinator of the PhD programme and the PhD student. The monthly forms and the cover page must be sent by email to the address dottoratiemaster@unica.it (object: Name and Surname of the PhD student - Name of the PhD programme - Register [year].

For those PhD students who receive a NOP RI scholarship, the ministerial indications on the online reports remain valid.


From the academic year 2020/2021, the students' cards are available on MyUniCA app (download available for smartphone and iPhone). Once the app has been downloaded and you have logged in with your Esse3 credentials, the availability of the badge will be notified.

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