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21 November 2023
Advancing healthcare using the Research Infrastructure CeSAR of UniCa: Nutrition during the first two years of life


Date: 23-24 November 2023

Main venue: University of Cagliari, Classroom 204, Block F, Cittadella di Monserrato Google Direction: Str. interna Policlinico Universitario, 09042 Monserrato CA


Human breast milk is a complex biofluid containing many components, including macronutrients, hormones, and bioactive molecules, each potentially responsible for neonatal outcome, growth, and health. In addition, human breast milk is an important source of commensal bacteria for newborns and represents a dynamic ecosystem for multiple hubs that change during lactation and may influence development and future disease onset. The composition of human breast milk may therefore have important consequences for the short and long-term development of the newborn.

The University of Cagliari has human resources and analytical tools such as NMR, GC/MS, LC/MS, and Ion Mobility MS. During the training workshop, CeSAR staff will present the analytical tools available at UniCA and their potential to perform metabolomic and microbiomic milk analyses and interpret the results. The Life Sciences Core Facilities at Masaryk University will be also presented.

Keywords: nutrition, health, human milk, metabolomics, microbiome, lipidomic, NMR facility; MS facility.

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