23 May 2024

Short Course on Software Security and Protection

A 24-hour seminar on Software Security and Protection will be held in July. The seminar is open to students enrolled in the MSc in Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (2 credits) or the PhD Program in Electronic and Computer Engineering (3 credits). The seminar will encompass multiple aspects of the broad field of software security. 

14 May 2024

Short course on "Secret Protection in Discrete Event Systems" by Ziyue Ma, Xidian University, China

Security issues of cyber-physical systems have drawn much attention in recent years. A system usually contains some secrets that are not expected to be exposed or hacked by unauthorized external intruders. In this 4-hour lectures, we introduce to students a general framework to secret protection in discrete-event systems. Our aim is to design an event-protecting policy such that any user, either legal or unauthorized, who visits a secret state must successfully executes/hacks a number of protected events to have an authorization satisfying the safety requirement. Two criteria of optimality (disruptiveness and cost) of designing protecting policies will be considered.

10 May 2024

Evento SIOS Sardinia 2024

SIOS Sardinia 2024 è un evento organizzato da Innois Srl, società strumentale della Fondazione di Sardegna dedicata a promuovere la cultura delle nuove tecnologie e dell'imprenditorialità in Sardegna e a creare connessioni stabili con l'ecosistema dell'innovazione nazionale. SIOS Sardinia 2024 offre agli stuidenti universitari un percorso formativo dedicato ai nuovi paradigmi tecnologici. La partecipazione è gratuita e coloro che frequenteranno tuttel le attività e supereranno la verifica finale potranno richiedere ilk riconoscimento di 1 CFU.

06 May 2024

Introduction to the "Hack The Box" Lab

An introductory seminar is organized on 14 May, from H14:15 to present the Hack the Box platform and the activities that allow getting credits

19 April 2024

Seminario "Giovani & Impresa" - anno 2024

Federmanager Sardegna, in collaborazione con la Fondazione Sodalitas, offre agli studenti delle Lauree Magistrali del Dipartimento di ingegneria Elettrica ed Elettronica il seminario "Giovani & Impresa" che si terrà in presenza dal 10 al 14 giugno 2024

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