The degree is awarded after passing a final test, called Laurea Magistrale exam, which consists in the presentation and discussion of an experimental thesis (based on a written report), in Italian or English (mandatory for the Curriculum in Advanced Cellular Studies), which describes the results of the research carried out by the student on topics of biological interest. The aim of the final exam is to verify the student's ability to work independently and to communicate and discuss with clarity and mastery the results of an original research project on a specific biological topic.

The activities related to the preparation of the final exam for the achievement of the degree will be carried out by the student under the supervision of a tutor teacher during the internship period at a research laboratory within the University of Cagliari or a in a highly qualified institution or company affiliated with the Faculty of Biology and Farmacy.

The final exam, which involves the acquisition of 13 ECTS, consists in the discussion, during a public session, of an exclusively experimental thesis providing an original contribution and carried out under the guidance of an LM Course teacher acting as supervisor. The dissertation can be written in Italian or English and must have the typical form of a complete scientific work also in terms of general organization (Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Bibliography, Tables and Figures). Votation will be formulated by the Degree Commission according to the procedures defined in the Academic Regulations of the Degree Program.

Before the final exam, the student is required to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire (available since the end of 2022). 

The answer file must be sent by e-mail to Prof. Elisabetta Coluccia:

Questionnaire and social

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