The Master's Degree Course in Cellular and Molecular Biology is aimed at completing the basic knowledge acquired with any bachelor’s degree in Biology, with the aim of providing advanced preparation in areas related to biological, biochemical and biomolecular disciplines, with focus on the comprehension of cellular and biomolecular phenomena, and to biological, biochemical and biomolecular applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological, bioinformatics and service sectors.

In particular, the Master's Degree Course in Cellular and Molecular Biology aims to train master's graduates who are able to carry out their professional activity in the field of basic scientific research and applied to biological phenomena at the cellular, subcellular and molecular level, with awareness of the role and the ability to interpret and promote scientific and technological development in the sector.

The 2-years master’s degree course in Cellular and Molecular Biology is divided into two curricula: Molecular Cytology (in Italian) and Advanced Cellular Studies (ACS, in English).

The Advanced Cellular Studies Curriculum can enable to obtain a Dual Degree from the University of Cagliari and the Taipei Medical University.

In order to reach the required level of English, students who will have access to the Advanced Cellular Studies Curriculum will start the Language Skills class before all other courses, plausibly in the week between 20 and 27 September 2021.

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