Biologia Cellulare e Molecolare

The Master of Science (CLM) in Cellular and Molecular Biology is aimed at completing the basic knowledge acquired through the bachelor’s degree in Biology, with the ambition of providing advanced preparation in the areas related to the biological, biochemical, and biomolecular disciplines, with focus on understanding biomolecular phenomena, and biological, biochemical and biomolecular applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological, bioinformatics and services sectors.

The CLM in Cellular and Molecular Biology, according to the principles of European harmonization, adheres to the initiative of national tuning of Biology Programs proposed by the National College of Biologists of the Italian Universities (CBUI). In particular, the CLM in Cellular and Molecular Biology aims to train graduates to carry out their professional activity in the fields of basic and applied research dealing with biological phenomena at the cellular, sub-cellular and molecular levels, with the awareness of the role and ability to interpret and promote scientific and technological development in the sectors cellular and molecular biology. Graduates can enroll, after passing the National Examination (Esame di Stato), in the National Register of Biologists, section A.

The two-year master’s degree program in Cellular and Molecular Biology includes into two curricula: Molecular Cytology (in Italian) and Advanced Cellular Studies (ACS, in English).

The Advanced Cellular Studies curriculum, the video presentation of which is available at the bottom of this page, can allow obtaining the Dual Degree awarded jointly by the University of Cagliari and Taipei Medical University.

To reach the required level of English to follow the lessons, students who will have access to the Curriculum Advanced Cellular Studies will begin Language Skills classes before all other courses, generally during the last week of September each academic year.

Presentation of the Advanced Cellular Studies Curriculum

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