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Study for the Implementation of an Integrated Monitoring System in Marble Quarries 1-Jan-2023 Careddu, N.; Pia, L.; Pandolfi, O.; Santoro, N.; Dündar, S. - -
Graffiti removal from granite cladding by abrasive water-jet 1-Jan-2023 Careddu, N.; Cadeddu, D.; Sitzia, F. JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING -
Chromaticism differentiations: How variegated homogeneous stones used in buildings can gain diversified aesthetic appeal 1-Jan-2023 Careddu, Nicola; Aru, Walter JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING -
Circular economy in marble industry: from stone scraps to sustainable water-based paints 1-Jan-2022 Marras, Graziella; Carcangiu, Gianfranco; Meloni, Paola; Careddu, Nicola CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS -
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Harmony Search Algorithm in Geomechanics and Its Applications 1-Jan-2022 Shaffiee Haghshenas, Sina; Careddu, Nicola; Jafarzadeh Ghoushchi, Saeid; Mikaeil, Reza; Kim, Tae-Hyung; Geem, Zong Woo - Springer
An Experimental-Intelligent Method to Predict Noise Value of Drilling in Dimension Stone Industry 1-Jan-2022 Mikaeil, R.; Piri, M.; Shaffiee Haghshenas, S.; Careddu, N.; Hashemolhosseini, H. JOURNAL OF MINING AND ENVIRONMENT -
Statistical Study to Evaluate Performance of Cutting Machine in Dimension Stone Cutting Process 1-Jan-2022 Haghshenas, S. S.; Mikaeil, R.; Esmaeilzade, A.; Careddu, N.; Ataei, M. JOURNAL OF MINING AND ENVIRONMENT -
Assessing the system vibration of circular sawing machine in carbonate rock sawing process using experimental study and machine learning 1-Jan-2022 Mikaeil, Reza; Mokhtarian, Mojtaba; Shaffiee Haghshenas, Sina; Careddu, Nicola; Alipour, Aref GEOTECHNICAL AND GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING -
Overview: Health and Safety in the Italian dimension stone quarrying industry 1-Jan-2021 Marras, Graziella; Careddu, Nicola GEAM. GEOINGEGNERIA AMBIENTALE E MINERARIA -
Sardinian granitoids: 4000 years of geoheritage and dimension stones 1-Jan-2021 Careddu, Nicola; Cuccuru, Stefano; Grillo, SILVANA MARIA - -
Sardinian granitoids: 4000 years of geoheritage and dimension stones 1-Jan-2021 Careddu, Nicola; Cuccuru, Stefano; Grillo, Silvana Maria RESOURCES POLICY -
History of the Global Stone Congress = Storia del Global Stone Congress 1-Jan-2020 Careddu, Nicola; Fernández Castro, Nuria; Cesar Peiter, Carlos DIAMANTE -
Chromaticism differentiations: A study of the diversified aesthetic appeal of the Ghiandone granite range 1-Jan-2020 Careddu, Nicola JOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERING -
Reduction of Marble Waste Landfills through the Enhancement of CaCO3 1-Jan-2020 Marras, Graziella; Bortolussi, Augusto; Siotto, Giampaolo; Surracco, Marco; Careddu, Nicola - -
Notes on the Poster “Map of Natural Stones from Sardinia (Italy)” 1-Jan-2020 Careddu, Nicola; Scanu, Massimo; Desogus, Paolo - -
Natural radioactivity and radon exhalation rate of Sardinian dimension stones 1-Jan-2020 Dentoni, Valentina; Da Pelo, Stefania; Mousavi Aghdam, Mirsina; Randaccio, Paolo; Loi, Alfredo; Careddu, Nicola; Bernardini, Alessandra CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS -
Sardinian Basalt—an Ancient Georesource Still En Vogue 1-Jan-2019 Careddu, Nicola; Grillo, Silvana Maria GEOHERITAGE -
“Trachytes” from Sardinia: Geoheritage and Current Use 1-Jan-2019 Careddu, Nicola; Grillo, Silvana Maria SUSTAINABILITY -
Dimension stones in the circular economy world 1-Jan-2019 Careddu, Nicola RESOURCES POLICY -
Diamond wire sawing in ornamental basalt quarries: technical, economic and environmental considerations 1-Jan-2019 Careddu, Nicola; Perra, Elisa Stefania; Masala, Orietta BULLETIN OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT -
Dimension stone industry should meet the fundamental values of geoethics 1-Jan-2019 Careddu, Nicola; Di Capua, Giuseppe; Siotto, Giampaolo RESOURCES POLICY -
“Trachytes” from Sardinia: geoheritage and current use 1-Jan-2018 Careddu, N.; Grillo, S. M. - -
Marble waste reduction strategy using carbonate microfine sawdust 1-Jan-2018 Marras, G.; Bortolussi, A.; Masala, O.; Peretti, R.; Siotto, G.; Surracco, M.; Careddu, N. - -
Reduction of marble waste landfills through the enhancement of CaCO3 1-Jan-2018 Marras, G.; Bortolussi, A.; Masala, O.; Peretti, R.; Siotto, G.; Surracco, M.; Careddu, N. - -
Map of natural stones from Sardinia 1-Jan-2018 Careddu, N.; Scanu, M.; Desogus, P. - -
Raw materials associated with extractive industry: an overview 1-Jan-2018 Careddu, N.; Dino, G. A.; Danielsen, S. W.; Přikryl, R. RESOURCES POLICY -
Sustainable reuse of marble sludge in tyre mixtures 1-Jan-2018 Marras, Graziella; Careddu, Nicola RESOURCES POLICY -
Performance and issues of diamond wire in ornamental basalt quarries 1-Jan-2018 Careddu, N.; Cai, O.; Perra, ELISA STEFANIA GEAM. GEOINGEGNERIA AMBIENTALE E MINERARIA -
Caratterizzazione e valorizzazione delle risorse naturali lapidee a uso ornamentale 1-Jan-2017 Careddu, Nicola; Cuccuru, Francesco; Fais, Silvana; Grillo, SILVANA MARIA; Ligas, Paola; Marras, Graziella; Augusto, Bortolussi; Roberto, Peretti - -
An Evaluation of Graffiti Removal with Water-jet Method by Using Image Analysis = Mermer Yüzeylerindeki Duvar Yazılarının (Graffiti) Su Jeti Đle Temizleme Đleminin Görüntü Analizi Đle Değerlendirilmesi 1-Jan-2017 Careddu, Nicola; Akkoyun, O. - TMMOB Maden Mühendisleri Odası
Surface processing of stone by water-jet: assessment of the minerals' luster and comparison with traditional technologies 1-Jan-2017 Careddu, Nicola; Mazzella, Alessandro; Dessì, Sara EPISODES -
Characterization methodology for re-using marble slurry in industrial applications 1-Jan-2017 Marras, Graziella; Bortolussi, A; Peretti, R; Careddu, Nicola ENERGY PROCEDIA -
Filler calcium carbonate industrial applications: the way for enhancing and reusing marble slurry 1-Jan-2017 Marras, Graziella; Careddu, Nicola; Siotto, Giampaolo ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT -
The crisis of granite and the success of marble: errors and market strategies. The Sardinian case 1-Jan-2017 Careddu, Nicola; Siotto, Giampaolo; Marras, Graziella RESOURCES POLICY -
Reuse of residual sludge from stone processing: differences and similarities between sludge coming from carbonate and silicate stones—Italian experiences 1-Jan-2016 Careddu, Nicola; Dino, G. A. ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCES -
An investigation on the efficiency of water-jet technology for graffiti cleaning 1-Jan-2016 Careddu, Nicola; Akkoyun, O. JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE -
Carta delle rocce ornamentali della Sardegna 1-Jan-2015 Careddu, Nicola; Scanu, M; Desogus, P. - -
A feasibility study of a potential dimension stone occurrence of brown granite in Nopala (Finland) 1-Jan-2015 Medda, P; Leinonen, S; Selonen, O; Careddu, Nicola; Siotto, G. MARMO MACCHINE ATTREZZATURE E ACCESSORI VARI -
La segagione dei blocchi di granito mediante telaio a graniglia: i punti di forza della tecnologia tradizionale. The sawing of granite blocks with gang-saw: strong points of the traditional technology 1-Jan-2015 Careddu, Nicola; Lanceni, G. MARMO MACCHINE ATTREZZATURE E ACCESSORI VARI -
Rosa Beta granite (Sardinian Pink Granite): a heritage stone of international significance from Italy 1-Jan-2015 Careddu, Nicola; Grillo, SILVANA MARIA SPECIAL PUBLICATION - GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON The Geological Society of London
Marble processing for future uses of CaCO3-microfine dust: a study on wearing out of tools and consumable materials in stoneworking factories 1-Jan-2015 Careddu, Nicola; Marras, Graziella MINERAL PROCESSING AND EXTRACTIVE METALLURGY REVIEW -
Mine simulation for educational purposes: A case study 1-Jan-2015 Akkoyun, O; Careddu, Nicola COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION -
Particulate matter in fly-ash landfills: an abatement technology using anionic flocculant 1-Jan-2015 Careddu, N.; Medda, P.; Sarritzu, C.; Grasso, F. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION -
Granite sawing by diamond wire: from Madrigali “bicycle” to modern multi-wires 1-Jan-2014 Careddu, Nicola; Cai, O. DIAMANTE -
Chain-cutter productivity in work on carbonate stones 1-Jan-2014 Medda, P; Atzei, E; Careddu, Nicola MARMO MACCHINE ATTREZZATURE E ACCESSORI VARI -
Technical-economic assessment of stone slabs surface finishing using water jet technology 1-Jan-2014 Careddu, Nicola; Akkoyun, O; Medda, P; Tilocca, MARIA CATERINA INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY -
Recovery of sawdust resulting from marble processing plants for future uses in high value added products 1-Jan-2014 Careddu, Nicola; Marras, Graziella; Siotto, G. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION -
The risk of irregular diamond wire beads wear 1-Jan-2013 Cai, O; Careddu, Nicola DIAMANTE -
Using flocculants in installation treating and recirculating process waters in stone-working plants 1-Jan-2013 Careddu, Nicola; Aru, W. MARMO MACCHINE ATTREZZATURE E ACCESSORI VARI -
From landfill to water, land and life: the creation of the Centre for stone materials aimed at secondary processing 1-Jan-2013 Careddu, Nicola; Siotto, G; Siotto, R; Tilocca, MARIA CATERINA RESOURCES POLICY -
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