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Thermodynamics beyond dilute solution theory: Steric effects and electrowetting 1-Jan-2024 Tadesse, Dagmawi; Parsons, Drew F. - Professor Gunther Andersson
Nanodiamond-treated flax: improving properties of natural fibers 1-Jan-2024 Hinzmann, Carsten; Parsons, Drew F.; Fiedler, Johannes; Zalieckas, Justas; Holst, Bodil CELLULOSE -
The effects of saline water on the recovery of lead and zinc sulfide during froth flotation 1-Jan-2023 Nowosielska, Anna M.; Nikoloski, Aleksandar N.; Parsons, Drew F. MINERALS ENGINEERING -
The melting curves of calf thymus-DNA are buffer specific 1-Jan-2023 Mura, Monica; Carucci, Cristina; Cesare Marincola, Flaminia; Monduzzi, Maura; Parsons, Drew F.; Salis, Andrea JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE -
The impact of steric repulsion on the total free energy of electric double layer capacitors 1-Jan-2022 Tadesse, D. B.; Parsons, D. F. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. A, PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS -
Interactions between coarse and fine galena and quartz particles and their implications for flotation in NaCl solutions 1-Jan-2022 Nowosielska, Anna M.; Nikoloski, Aleksandar N.; Parsons, Drew F. MINERALS ENGINEERING -
BSA Fragmentation Specifically Induced by Added Electrolytes: an Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Investigation 1-Jan-2022 Lusci, Gloria; Pivetta, Tiziana; Carucci, Cristina; Parsons, DREW FRANCIS; Salis, Andrea; Monduzzi, Maura COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES -
Insights into the reactivity of 2-hydroxycyclobutanones with thiols corroborated by quantum chemical DFT investigations, NMR and Raman analysis 1-Jan-2022 Porcu, S.; Cabua, M. C.; Velichko, V.; Baltaze, J. -P.; Frongia, A.; Carbonaro, C. M.; Ricci, P. C.; Parsons, D. F.; Carlone, A.; Secci, F. SYNTHESIS -
Specific electrolyte effects on hemoglobin in denaturing medium investigated through electron spray ionization mass spectrometry 1-Jan-2022 Pivetta, Tiziana; Lusci, Gloria; Carucci, Cristina; Parsons, Drew F.; Salis, Andrea; Monduzzi, Maura JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY -
Perspectives on weak interactions in complex materials at different length scales 1-Jan-2022 Fiedler, Johannes; Berland, Kristian; Borchert, James; Corkery, Robert; Eisfeld, Alexander; Gelbwaser-Klimovsky, David; Greve, Martin; Holst, Bodil; Jacobs, Karin; Kruger, Matthias; Parsons, Drew F.; Persson, Clas; Presselt, Martin; Reisinger, Thomas; Scheel, Stefan; Stienkemeier, Frank; Tømterud, Martin; Walter, Michael; Weitz, Ralf Thomas; Zalieckas, Justas PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS -
Aurivillius Oxides Nanosheets-Based Photocatalysts for Efficient Oxidation of Malachite Green Dye 1-Jan-2022 Collu, David A.; Carucci, Cristina; Piludu, Marco; Parsons, Drew F.; Salis, Andrea INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES -
Buffer-specific effects arise from ionic dispersion forces 1-Jan-2022 Parsons, Drew F; Carucci, Cristina; Salis, Andrea PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS -
Premelting and formation of ice due to Casimir-Lifshitz interactions: Impact of improved parameterization for materials 1-Jan-2022 Li, Y.; Milton, K. A.; Brevik, I.; Malyi, O. I.; Thiyam, P.; Persson, C.; Parsons, D. F.; Bostrom, M. PHYSICAL REVIEW. B -
A theoretical and experimental study of the effects of NaCl and the competitive chemisorption of ions at the surface sites in the context of galena flotation 1-Jan-2022 Nowosielska, Anna M.; Nikoloski, Aleksandar N.; Parsons, Drew F. MINERALS ENGINEERING -
On the control of dispersion interactions between biological membranes and protein coated biointerfaces 1-Jan-2021 Blackwell, R.; Hemmerle, A.; Baer, A.; Spath, M.; Peukert, W.; Parsons, D.; Sengupta, K.; Smith, A. -S. JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE -
Self-preserving ice layers on CO2 clathrate particles: Implications for Enceladus, Pluto, and similar ocean worlds 1-Jan-2021 Bostrom, M.; Esteso, V.; Fiedler, J.; Brevik, I.; Buhmann, S. Y.; Persson, C.; Carretero-Palacios, S.; Parsons, D. F.; Corkery, R. W. ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS -
Full-Spectrum High-Resolution Modeling of the Dielectric Function of Water 1-Jan-2020 Fiedler, J.; Bostrom, M.; Persson, C.; Brevik, I.; Corkery, R.; Buhmann, S. Y.; Parsons, D. F. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. B, CONDENSED MATTER, MATERIALS, SURFACES, INTERFACES & BIOPHYSICAL -
Specific Buffer Effects on the Intermolecular Interactions Among Protein Molecules at Physiological pH 1-Jan-2020 Salis, Andrea; Cappai, Luca; Carucci, Cristina; Parsons, Drew Francis; Monduzzi, Maura THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS -
Premelting of ice adsorbed on a rock surface 1-Jan-2020 Esteso, V.; Carretero-Palacios, S.; Macdowell, L. G.; Fiedler, J.; Parsons, D. F.; Spallek, F.; Miguez, H.; Persson, C.; Buhmann, S. Y.; Brevik, I.; Bostrom, M. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS -
Effect of compact spherical potassium 12-tungstosilicate and lithium heteropolytungstate additives on the rheology and surface chemistry of washed spherical and platelet α-Al2O3 suspensions: Patch charge bridging 1-Jan-2020 Zhang, W.; Sun, C.; Leong, Y. -K.; Parsons, D. POWDER TECHNOLOGY -
Re-entrant swelling and redissolution of polyelectrolytes arises from an increased electrostatic decay length at high salt concentrations 1-Jan-2020 Liu, G.; Parsons, D.; Craig, V. S. J. JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE -
Hofmeister Effects 1-Jan-2019 Parsons, Df; Boström, M; Kunz, W; Ninham, Bw - Wiley
Role of zero point energy in promoting ice formation in a spherical drop of water 1-Jan-2019 Parashar, Prachi; Shajesh, K. V.; Milton, Kimball A.; Parsons, Drew F.; Brevik, Iver; Boström, Mathias PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH -
A new DLVO-R Theory: Surface Roughness and Nanoparticle Stability 1-Jan-2019 Parsons, D; Eom, N; Walsh, R; Craig, V - Elsevier Science BV
Derjaguin’s Water II: a surface hydration phenomenon 1-Jan-2019 Klugman, Ilya; Melnikov, Anna; Parsons, Drew F. SUBSTANTIA -
Carbon Dioxide/Brine, Nitrogen/Brine, and Oil/Brine Wettability of Montmorillonite, Illite, and Kaolinite at Elevated Pressure and Temperature 1-Jan-2019 Fauziah, C A; Al-Yaseri, A Z; Beloborodov, R; Siddiqui, M A Q; Lebedev, M; Parsons, D; Roshan, H; Barifcani, A; Iglauer, S ENERGY & FUELS -
A thermodynamic correction to the theory of competitive chemisorption of ions at surface sites with nonelectrostatic physisorption 1-Jan-2019 Parsons, D. F.; Salis, A. THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS -
Dispersion forces stabilise ice coatings at certain gas hydrate interfaces which prevent water wetting 1-Jan-2019 Mathias, Bostrom; Robert Corkery, W; Lima, E; Malyi, O; Buhmann, S; Persson, C; Brevik, I; Parsons, D; Fiedler, J ACS EARTH AND SPACE CHEMISTRY -
Impact of effective polarisability models on the near-field interaction of dissolved greenhouse gases at ice and air interfaces 1-Jan-2019 Fiedler, J.; Parsons, D. F.; Burger, F. A.; Thiyam, P.; Walter, M.; Brevik, I.; Persson, C.; Buhmann, S. Y.; Bostrom, M. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS -
Trapping of Gas Bubbles in Water at a Finite Distance below a Water–Solid Interface 1-Jan-2019 Esteso, V; Carretero-Palacios, S; Thiyam, P; Míguez, H; Parsons, D; Brevik, I; Boström, M LANGMUIR -
Forces between zinc sulphide surfaces; amplification of the hydrophobic attraction by surface charge 1-Jan-2019 Teh, E. -J.; Ishida, N.; Skinner, W. M.; Parsons, D.; Craig, V. S. J. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS -
Performance of sample preparation for analysis of gold in samples of geological origin 1-Jan-2019 Daniel, ; Clarke, ; Parsons, D GEOSTANDARDS AND GEOANALYTICAL RESEARCH -
Fluid-sensitive nanoscale switching with quantum levitation controlled by α -Sn/ β -Sn phase transition 1-Jan-2018 Boström, M; Dou, M; Malyi, Oi; Parashar, P; Parsons, D; Brevik, I; and Persson, C PHYSICAL REVIEW. B -
Ice Particles Sink below the Water Surface Due to a Balance of Salt, van der Waals, and Buoyancy Forces 1-Jan-2018 Thiyam, P; Fiedler, J; Buhmann, Sy; Persson, C; Brevik, I; Boström, M; Parsons, D JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C. -
The Role of Citric Acid in the Stabilization of Nanoparticles and Colloidal Particles in the Environment: Measurement of Surface Forces between Hafnium Oxide Surfaces in the Presence of Citric Acid 1-Jan-2018 Shinohara, S; Eom, N; Teh, Ej; Tamada, K; Parsons, D; and Craig, Vsj LANGMUIR -
Lifshitz interaction can promote ice growth at water-silica interfaces 1-Jan-2017 Boström, M; Malyi, Oi; Parashar, P; Shajesh, Kv; Thiyam, P; Milton, Ka; Persson, C; Parsons, D; Brevik, I PHYSICAL REVIEW. B -
Roughness in Surface Force Measurements: Extension of DLVO Theory to Describe the Forces between Hafnia Surfaces 1-Jan-2017 Eom, N; Parsons, D; Craig, Vs THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. B -
Measurement of long range attractive forces between hydrophobic surfaces produced by vapor phase adsorption of palmitic acid 1-Jan-2017 Eom, N; Parsons, D; Craig, Vsj SOFT MATTER -
Cation effects on haemoglobin aggregation: balance of chemisorption against physisorption of ions 1-Jan-2017 Parsons, Drew F; Duignan, Timothy T; Salis, Andrea INTERFACE FOCUS -
Effective Polarizability Models 1-Jan-2017 Fiedler, J; Thiyam, P; Kurumbail, A; Burger, Fa; Walter, M; Persson, C; Brevik, I; Parsons, D; Boström, M; Buhmann, Sy JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. A, MOLECULES, SPECTROSCOPY, KINETICS, ENVIRONMENT, & GENERAL THEORY -
Cubic Carbon Polymorphs 1-Jan-2016 Kowalczyk, P; Parsons, D; Terzyk, A; Gauden, P; Furmaniak, S - CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group
Hofmeister effects at low salt concentration due to surface charge transfer 1-Jan-2016 Parsons, Df; Salis, Andrea CURRENT OPINION IN COLLOID & INTERFACE SCIENCE -
The influence of Lifshitz forces and gas on premelting of ice within porous materials 1-Jan-2016 Bostrom, M; Malyi, Oi; Thiyam, P; Berland, K; Brevik, I; Persson, C; Parsons, D EUROPHYSICS LETTERS -
Effects of van der Waals forces and salt ions on the growth of water films on ice and the detachment of CO2 bubbles 1-Jan-2016 Thiyam, P; Lima, Era; Malyi, Oi; Parsons, D; Buhmann, Sy; Persson, C; Bostrom, M EUROPHYSICS LETTERS -
Volume dependence of the dielectric properties of amorphous SiO2 1-Jan-2016 Malyi, Oi; Bostrom, M; Kulish, Vv; Thiyam, P; Parsons, D; Persson, C PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS -
The impact of nonelectrostatic physisorption of ions on free energies and forces between redox electrodes: ion-specific repulsive peaks 1-Jan-2016 Parsons, D ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA -
Are specific buffer effects the new frontier of Hofmeister phenomena? Insights from lysozyme adsorption on ordered mesoporous silica 1-Jan-2016 Cugia, Francesca; Sedda, Silvia; Pitzalis, Federica; Parsons, Drew F.; Monduzzi, Maura; Salis, Andrea RSC ADVANCES -
Hydronium and hydroxide at the air-water interface with a continuum solvent model 1-Jan-2015 Duignan, Tt; Parsons, D; Ninham, Bw CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS -
Surface forces in particle technology: Wet systems 1-Jan-2015 Eom, N; Walsh, Rb; Liu, Gm; Parsons, D; Craig, Vsj PROCEDIA ENGINEERING -
Trends of CO2 adsorption on cellulose due to van der Waals forces 1-Jan-2015 Thiyam, P; Persson, C; Parsons, D; Huang, D; Buhmann, Sy; Bostrom, M COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. A, PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS -
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