Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

I was supervisor of the following master's theses in Mathematics:

  1. Existence of the solution of two classic variational problems, thesis discussed by Piermario Schirru on 26-02-2016.
  2. A non-local sublinear problem, thesis discussed by Vincenzino Mascia on 02-24-2017.
  3. The brachistocrone: a classical problem and its modern development in the Calculus of Variations, thesis discussed by
  4. Veronica Deriu on 31-03-2017.
  5. On some overdetermined problems, thesis discussed by Francesco Pisanu on 26-02-2020.

I was supervisor of the following (three-year) degree theses in Mathematics:

  1. The Dirichlet problem for Laplace's equation, thesis discussed by Valerio Loi on 20-9-2019.

I was supervisor of the following (four-year) degree theses in Mathematics:

  1. Existence of explosive solutions for equations of the assigned mean curvature type, thesis discussed by Roberta Sechi on 10-12-1998.
  2. Harnack's inequality and some consequences, thesis discussed by Daniela Tobbia on 31-3-1999.
  3. Stellarity of the level sets through the polar coordinates, thesis discussed by Stefano Poncellini on 12-7-1999.
  4. Symmetry in an overdetermined problem, thesis discussed by Antonella Sanna on 17-7-2000.
  5. Mathematical methods of modern cryptography, thesis discussed by Giancarlo Massidda on 11-12-2000.
  6. Completeness of R, thesis discussed by Claudia Basciu on 24-4-2001.
  7. Stellarity in ring-shaped domains, thesis discussed by Carla Sardu on 24-4-2001.
  8. On the monotonous iterative procedure, thesis discussed by Antonietta Fadda on 16-7-2001.
  9. Introduction to viscosity solutions of differential equations, thesis discussed by Bruno Sanna on 16-7-2001.
  10. Hilbert's tenth problem, thesis discussed by Luisella Casula on 20-12-2001.
  11. Introduction to the theory of automata, thesis discussed by Ilaria Scalas on 24-4-2002.
  12. Radial symmetry and uniqueness in an overdetermined problem, thesis discussed by Andrea Carta on 16-7-2002.
  13. Definition, resolution and analysis of "interesting" problems of maximum and minimum: quantitative aspects, of placement and formulation in the texts of the high school, thesis discussed by Elisa Oggiano on 04/28/2006.

I was supervisor of the following papers:

  1. A property of the scalar product in functional spaces, an essay discussed by Rosa Bianca Sanna on 03/26/1998.
  2. The Liouville theorem, thesis discussed by Nella Puglia on 17-7-2000.
  3. Comparison between a convex function and its derivative, a paper discussed by Alessia Vaccargiu on 17-7-2000.
  4. How Archimede did the integrals, thesis discussed by Stefania Margiani on 11-12-2000.
  5. On the mean curvature of the graph of functions, thesis discussed by Stefania Concas on 16-7-2001.
  6. The function of Ackermann, thesis discussed by Francesco Demontis on 04-28-2003.
  7. Adequate sets of logical connectives, thesis discussed by Massimiliano Porcu on 04/28/2003.
  8. On the property of the internal sphere, thesis discussed by Simone Fancello on 21-7-2004.
  9. The frequency of musical notes, essay discussed by Valeria Casciu on 19-12-2005.

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