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Documents HRS4R Process

In order to pursue the HRS4R strategy, UniCa has established an Internal Structure for the implementation of the HRS4R, approved by Rectoral Decree in December 2021 and according to the changes approved by Rectoral Decree n°521/2023

UniCa's commitment involves researchers at all stages of their career and with different experiences, which will give a relevant contribution to the strategy, through a bottom-up approach.

On November 10th, 2022 the European Commission accepted the UniCa endorsement letter. According to the procedure, UniCa will have 12 months to prepare the complete dossier (see the list below).

Documents required for the application:

Process Description: the institution should explain how it organises internally to consult and involve the required internal and external stakeholder groups for the design of the Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis: seeks to answer the questions "where are we?" (current state) and "where do we want to be?" (target state) as an institution, with regard to the 40 principles of the C&C.

OTM-R Checklist: it is a specific self-assessment checklist provided to report on the status of achievement in terms of the implementation of Open, Transparent and Merit-Based Recruitment (OTM-R) policies and practices, which aims at making research careers more attractive, while facilitating mobility and equal opportunities for all candidates.

Action Plan: it is a sequence of activities that must be carried out in order to help the institution advance from the current state to the target state, with regards to the implementation of the 40 principles of the C&C. They will address the improvement needs identified in the Gap Analysis and the OTM-R Checklist.

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