The University of Cagliari offers a Master's Degree in Geological Sciences and Technologies.

Using the most modern research technologies and innovative tools for teaching geology, this course provides the students with the necessary skills to plan the sustainable use of natural resources and thus satisfy the needs of our modern post-industrial society. A strong preparation in Geology will ensure that the future generations will be capable to play a leading role in tackling climate change, also by advising the global policy-makers, whatever their role in society will be: professionals, researchers, teachers, public officials and citizens. 

This is divided in two curricula: GEORESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY and TERRITORY AND ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY. With this degree, the graduates can enrol in the Register of Senior Geologists, after passing an independent state examination. In addition to practical exercises in the field and in the laboratory, the course also includes internships and the possibility of a stay at other European universities as part of the Erasmus+ project.

The precise time periods for carrying out teaching activities (lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratory and supplementary activities) is established for each academic year and consists of two semesters. For further information please refer to the Teaching pages.


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