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Commissione di Autovalutazione

It performs the functions of the Quality Assurance Management Committee as stipulated in the ANVUR-AVA documents January 2013:

  • proposes the organisation and related functions, responsibilities and timelines for Course Quality Assurance;
  • verifies compliance with the conditions for periodic accreditation of the Course of Study;
  • verifies and evaluates interventions aimed at improving the management of the Course of Study;
  • checks and analyses in depth the coherence of the Course's objectives and overall structure;
  • monitors the data received concerning students;
  • proposes actions for improvement.

(cf. SA Resolution No. 44/13 S)

  • draws up the Cyclical Review Report;
  • draws up the Annual Monitoring Form

(cf. ANVUR Guidelines periodic accreditation August 2017)

Coordinatore della Classe del Corso di Studio

Contu Paolo
Phone: 070/675-4658
Email: pcontu@unica.it

Referente Qualità CdS

Mereu Alessandra
Phone: +39 070 675 3103
Email: amereu@unica.it


Sardu Claudia
Phone: 070/675-3106
Email: csardu@unica.it

Manager didattico della Facoltà

Farci Michela
Phone: +39 070 675 6591
Email: mfarci@unica.it

Manager didattico della Facoltà

Scroccow Federica
Phone: +39 070 675 3128
Email: federica.scroccow@unica.it

Personale Tecnico amministrativo

Cau Barbara
Phone: +39 070 6753141
Email: barbaracau@amm.unica.it


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