Studying Abroad

The Degree Course promotes and encourages educational activities abroad as an important opportunity for personal growth and training.

International exchange initiatives and mobility grants are organised and managed by the Student Mobility and International Exchange Programme Department.
Orientation and assistance to outgoing students of the University of Cagliari and incoming foreign students are provided by the ISMOKA - International Students Mobility Office KAralis - which deals with international mobility for the University of Cagliari.

ISMOKA provides continuous assistance to students and is the reference point for all practices related to participation in EU and international mobility programmes.

ISMOKA also offers a specific service for students from Maghreb countries (FORMED project) and students who are political refugees (UNICA4REFUGEES project), making use of the professional contribution of a 'face-to-face' linguistic- cultural mediation service to facilitate communication between university staff and students.

The Course of Study has its own internationalization contact person:

  • Supports the efforts of the Faculty Internationalisation Committee by participating in its meetings and updating the Class Council on matters related to internationalization.
  • Prepares files for the recognition of credits for activities conducted abroad.
  • Ensures that exchange agreements with foreign universities align with the educational goals of the degree program.
  • Manages the historical archive of curricular activities undertaken by students abroad.

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