Compulsory Work Placements

The Political Science Degree Programme promotes compulsory Work Placements where students take part in the practical/professional activities of a host institution or company, following an agreed programme.

This may be carried out either at the University's internal facilities or at non-university affiliated facilities, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. The Degree Programme has activated various agreements with public and private bodies in the community, while students may also propose other organisations.

The Internship Office of the Faculty of Economics, Law and Political Science provides initial guidance to students in their choice of host company/organisation, as well as offering general support in the administrative tasks required for the activation, definition of agreements, and collection of monitoring data for internship activities.

The Internship Coordinator oversees the work placement in close collaboration with the Economics, Law and Political Science Internship Office, specifically assessing the consistency of the internship with the learning objectives of the Degree Programme and promoting agreements with organisations/companies.

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