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HRS4R Organizational Structure

The Internal Structure for the implementation of HRS4R, established by DR 521/2023, consists of

The Governing Bodies, including the Rector, the General Director, the Academic Senate, and the Administrative Board, are responsible for discussing and approving the documents requested by the EU (process description, gap analysis, OTM-R checklist, action plan).

A Steering Committee (SC) that oversees the HRS4R implementation process, providing guidance and informing the Governing Bodies.

4Technical Working Groups (TWGs): 4 specific groups (TWG on Ethical and Professional Aspects, TWG on Recruitment and Selection, TWG on Working Conditions and Social Security, and TWG on Training and Development), appointed based on the four macroareas covered by the 40 principles of C&C, working in parallel on the documents of the Gap Analysis and Action Plan also with the support of the Researchers' Focus Groups.

A Working Group for the preparation of the OTM-R Checklist.

4 Researchers’ Focus Groups (RFGs): Heads of the 15 UniCa Research Departments have appointed, within each departmental structure, four representatives of the four career stages of researchers (R1-R4), who would constitute the RFG. Each of these groups would be composed of 15 researchers at the same level of career development, representing the research areas covered by the Departments. A member of each RFG (R1-R4) was appointed to be a representative in each of the four TWGs. TWGs are in charge of drafting the Gap Analysis and the Action Plan also with the support of the Researchers Focus Groups.                                         

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