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The course

The Master's Degree Course in Architecture aims to train a qualified professional figure in the field of architecture and urban planning at different scales, ensuring a study program that identifies design as a process of synthesis and fundamental and qualifying moment.
The figure of the bachelor degree architect  is completed in a specialized and professional sense by acquiring knowledge, skills and critical-operational completeness aimed at planning, designing and managing interventions in the landscape and the built environment.
Master's students will be able to:
– broaden and deepen the knowledge already acquired with the three-year degree in Architectural Sciences through preparation that will increase the theoretical and critical aspects of the project;
– be able to apply and contextualise the knowledge acquired and the experiences gained, mainly in laboratory training activities, and to direct design choices with autonomy and maturity, identifying criteria and methods that lead to sustainable, appropriate and innovative solutions.
– develop the ability to design new architectural organisms, even highly complex ones, to intervene on existing buildings, apply and develop planning proposals at a territorial and urban level, fully grasping the complexities and implications on the natural and built environment;
– have the ability to communicate in national and international multidisciplinary, administrative, entrepreneurial and institutional contexts, effectively representing and illustrating one's choices, with the use of the most appropriate and advanced tools, and demonstrating the cultural bases and technical solidity scientific;
– deepen and broaden one's knowledge to access higher levels of education such as: second level master's degrees, specialization courses and PhD courses;
– autonomously implement their knowledge through professional experiences and interaction with different cultural fields, including those of other European and non-European nations.

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