UNICA's Master of Architecture program aims to train a professional figure qualified at different scales in architecture and urban planning and identifies design project as a a fundamental qualifying process, synthesis of cultural values and technical skills.

Students will develop the ability to competently attend to the transformation of landscape and city, to the recovery and restoration of the existing heritage - historical, traditional and 'modern' - and to master tools for the control and management of construction processes. With this in mind, the Course is divided into three curricula - Architecture, City and Society; Historical Architecture and Project; Architecture, Construction and Sustainability - which provide for teaching largely developed through laboratory design training activities, mainly distributed among the disciplinary sectors of Architectural and Urban Composition, Restoration and Technical Architecture, integrated by those of related disciplines: historical, social, economic, urban and technical.
The program completes the figure of the bachelor degree architect: a figure who is required a professional contribution that is expressed through critical-operational procedures and guidelines aimed at planning, designing and managing interventions of modification of the 'existing', in order to improve the quality of the landscape and the built environment.

Access is subject to possession of the following requirements
- be in possession of a degree or other qualification obtained abroad and recognized as suitable;
- knowledge of a foreign language of the European Union (English, French, Spanish, German) at least at level B1;
- personal reparation evaluated by a selection comitee in relation to the following aspects:
    1. evaluation and scores achieved in the course of study that allows access to this program, including extra additional activities that contribute to the admission requirements;
2.  assessment of design and graphic representation skills through a personal portfolio.
The procedures and criteria for the admission test, as well as the places available, are described in the call for applications published annually in July on the university website at the page prospective students>enrolment

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