Elective activities

Students may earn elective credits in two ways:

  1. Attending any of the tutorials, conferences, workshops or similar accredited activities listed on the ‘Other Learning Activities’ page;
  2. by successfully completing
  • courses and workshops provided in one's own Degree Programme, in addition to those included in the 180 CFU credits of the study plan (for example, modules introduced after the enrolment year, or courses and workshops not chosen as compulsory - if the study plan includes elective ones).
  • modules taught in the Degree Programmes of the Faculty of Economics, Law and Political Science, all of which are considered consistent with the Degree Programme. Students can apply directly to the Student Office for the exam to be included in their online records.
  • modules taught in the degree programmes of other Faculties. In this case, students need to request a prior consistency assessment with their own Degree Programme. They need to apply well in advance by email to coerenza.sa@unica.it, providing the following information:
  1. name, surname and student number;
  2. Degree Programme and academic year of enrolment;
  3. exact name of the chosen module/course they wish to take
  4. Faculty issuing the chosen module/course;
  5. Degree Programme issuing the chosen module/course;
  6. Link to the official page with the syllabus of the chosen course/module;
  7. reason why the chosen course/module is consistent with students’ learning plan (five lines maximum).

The outcome of the consistency assessment will be communicated to the student and to the Student Office by e-mail within five days from the start of the procedure.

For further information on the issues covered on this page, please contact the Course Coordinator or the person in charge of Elective Credits in the Department.

Questionnaire and social

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