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Internationalisation Commission

The Internationalisation Commission deals with the selection of students taking part in international exchange programmes, their choice of foreign courses and the validation of credits earned abroad. The Commission works in coordination with the Degree Programme, the Student Office, the International Mobility Office (Erasmus Desk) and with the contribution of the University Student Mobility Section.


Melis Andrea
Phone: 070/675-3302
Email: melisa@unica.it

Cannas Massimo
Phone: 070 675 3410
Email: massimo.cannas@unica.it

Piras Luca
Phone: 070/675-3365
Email: pirasl@unica.it

Deiana Claudio
Phone: +39 070 675 3303
Email: claudio.deiana@unica.it

Melis Giuseppe
Phone: 070/675-3361
Email: gemelis@unica.it

Mura Alessandro
Phone: +0039 070 6753324
Email: sandromura@unica.it

Pinna Anna Maria
Phone: 070/675-3320
Email: ampinna@unica.it

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