The Steering Committee (C.I.):

  • provides guidance on the directions of the world of work and productive activities in general;
  • formulates opinions and recommendations concerning the cultural and productive needs of the world of work;
  • formulates opinions and recommendations on training needs and the resulting curricula of students;
  • formulates opinions and recommendations on the appropriateness of the graduate profile defined by the educational pathway;
  • formulates proposals for the definition and design of the educational offer and its learning objectives;
  • promotes contacts for student internships in companies.

(see PQA, Operational Guide for Consultation with Interested Parties)

The Steering Committee generally meets annually.

Referente per la Qualità del Corso di Studio

Pisano Maria Barbara
Phone: 070/675-4145 - Fax: 070/675-4197


Referente Ordine dei Tecnici Sanitari di Radiologia Medica e delle Professioni Sanitarie Tecniche, della Riabilitazione e della Prevenzione di Cagliari Oristano

Mascia Olga

Tecnico della prevenzione ASL 8

Deriu Raimondo

Rappresentante UNPISI

Fadda Mariangela

Questionnaire and social

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