Manager didattici

Competences of Educational Managers:

Support to the management of the self-evaluation, evaluation and accreditation process of Study Courses in the AVA system.
Accreditation and activation of Study Courses.
Coordination and technical/administrative management of the Educational Offer.
Quality assurance and periodic accreditation of Study Courses.
Administrative management and support of Study Courses.
Coordination and management of administrative activities relating to the evaluation of teaching activities.
Monitoring the quality of teaching provision and training services.
Coordination of orientation and student information activities.
Technical-administrative support to the President and Faculty lecturers, for the planning and management of teaching activities.
Technical-administrative support to Course Coordinators and Department Directors for the preparation of Teaching Regulations and the Formative Offer of Courses of Study.
Participation in the coordination, organisation and management of admission tests for Study Courses and related realignment activities.


Didactic Axis of Medicine
University Citadel
S.S. 554 Bivio Sestu
09042 Monserrato (CA)

Office hours (by telephone)

Monday 11:00 - 13:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 13:00
Friday 11:00 - 13:00

The list of study courses supported by each Educational Manager is included in the individual personal file, which can be viewed by clicking on the link in the name.

Educational Managers

Farci Michela
Phone: +39 070 675 6591

Scroccow Federica
Phone: +39 070 675 3128

Support to Educational Managers for Courses of Study

Cau Barbara
Phone: +39 070 6753141

Questionnaire and social

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