Work Placements are practical/professional activities aimed at obtaining university credits required for 3-year and 5-year/Postgraduate degrees as set out in the study plan.

As established in the regulations, Work Placements/Internships pursue the following objectives:

  • integrating university learning with practical activities carried out in a working environment, problem solving, and experiencing the logics and relationship systems of the working world;
  • alternating between study and work, and facilitatingcareer choices, through direct knowledge of the world of work;
  • strengthening collaboration between the university and the social, economic, productive and administrative environments, with a view to improving planning as well.

In practical terms, a work placement enables students to take part in the activities of the host structure within an agreed programme. This may be carried out at the University's internal or non-university affiliated facilities - both public and private - in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. The details are agreed among the lecturer of the Degree Programme who is responsible for work placements, known as the "university internship tutor", the head of the host structure (or his/her delegate) and the student.

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