Olfactory Function Is Impaired in Patients with Mastocytosis

Carla Masala;Davide Firinu;Raffaella Piras;Margherita Deidda;Stefano del Giacco


Background: Mastocytosis is a clinically heterogeneous disorder associated to abnormal mast cell accumulation in different organs. No data are available as regards the assessment of olfactory unction and its association with mastocytosis. Objective: The aim of the study was first to investigate odor threshold, discrimination and identification in mastocytosis patients (MP) compared to age-matched healthy controls (HC); furthermore, to correlate olfactory function with the other clinical symptoms of mastocytosis. Methods: Eighty-one participants were enrolled: 41 patients with mastocytosis (23 males and 18 females, mean age 47.95 years, SD 14.7) were compared to 40 healthy controls (23 males and 17 females, mean age 47.88 years, SD 14.6). Olfactory function among participants was evaluated using the “Sniffin’ Sticks” test for odor detection threshold (OT), odor discrimination (OD) and odor identification (OI). Results: Patients with systemic mastocytosis showed a significant decrease in the total olfactory function (TDI score), OT, OD and OI compared to healthy controls. A significant negative correlation was observed only between TDI score and serum tryptase concentration (μg/L). No correlation was observed between disease duration versus OT, OD, OI and TDI score. Conclusions: Our results suggest that the olfactory function is impaired in patients compared to healthy controls; a significant negative correlation was found between TDI score and the level of serum tryptase. Olfactory dysfunction in mastocytosis may be considered among the clinical manifestations contributing to the burden of this disease.
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Mastocytosis; Olfactory function; Chemosensory perception; Smell; Tryptase
Masala, Carla; Firinu, Davide; Piras, Raffaella; Deidda, Margherita; Cinetto, Francesco; DEL GIACCO, Stefano
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